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Our Workshops

Mini-ROV Poster.png

Mini-ROV (Ages 10 - 15)

This is a kit form ROV designed to teach basic assembly, soldering, buoyancy.

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Basic-ROV (Ages 11 - 17) 

This is the "ROV in a Box" level that moves the instruction away from kits and into ROVs that can be tailored for specific purposes. Students can select from one of the 4 basic design and work from there by adding tools if they desire. 


Advanced-ROV (Ages 13 - 18)

This is a practical workshop teaching the basics of different control systems, PWM motor drives, underwater cameras, and ROV sensors (positional and environmental).

We also have the following additional workshops:

Special (Ages 13 - 18) 

These workshops are for specific ROV designs like mud and water sampling units.

Train the Trainer (Educators)

These workshops are designed to make schools and other institutions self-sufficient with the training of students for ROV activities. There are three levels; Basic ROV Educator, ROV Competition Educator, and ROV Project Educator. Courses cover many levels including local sourcing for the builds and how the "ROV in a Box" finds the innovators.

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