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Our Conferences

The aim and objective of the student conference is to present secondary school student’s project work.  The conference is open to students in any part of the world.  The conference offers the chance for students to showcase selected work via a presentation, a poster and a student scientific paper.  This will allow students to present and network with academia and industry professionals.

Signup Form

Young Engineers Conference 2024 Signup Form

Potential topics for students to choose from...

Oceanic Engineering Topics

- Application of non-commercial ROV
- Non-commercial ROV design 
- Scientific collection of Marine Data, Presentation + results 
- Methods and Results of Marine Survey 
- Sustainable Fisheries 
- Cetaceans Studies, surveys and results 
- Marine Search & Recovery of Underwater objects 
- Underwater sensors and technology
- Marine Environmental Issues 
- Marine Based Renewable Energy

Consumer Technology Topics

- Drones
- Commercial ROV
- Commercially available Micro-Controller projects (Micro:Bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
- Sensor interface using commercial and consumer products
- IOT & Smart City
- Robotics Interface (sensors and people)
- Smart Home and Building
- Interesting & Unique Applications (APPS)
- Environmental data collection using Consumer electronics

YE-23 Results

Young Engineers Conference 2023 Results

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